Testimonials from our clients

John showed up at our door unexpectedly one day, at a time when my husband and I were feeling hopeless and had given in to the fact that we had to let our beautiful home go back to the bank. He saved us from making a huge mistake just in time to find a buyer and do a short sale. We were able to sell our house and close escrow a few days before the bank was to foreclose. John is very efficient and professional, he knows how to get things done and he also manages to ease the stress of it all with his sense of humor and his work ethic.

Linda S., El Cajon, CA

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your help with my investment rental short sale. Some things in the economy, government, unemployment, and banking we don't have control over. However, the decision I made to act quickly and get your help to move my rental into the short sale market was the best thing I could have ever done. By you taking the stress out of my life NOT worrying about the mortgage company, not sleeping, and having to spend my workday on the phone put on hold trying to work on a failing plan with the mortgage company. You helped me with everything. I am now past this issue in my financial history and the years ahead are bright for my business, family, and finances. Thank you so much.


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